• Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) Plan 
    In conjunction with Richland County School District One's (RCSD1) 2002 Bond Referendum initiative, a key element of completing the various construction and renovation process for the facilities will be the acquisition and installation of Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E).

    In order to maintain continuity among all RCSD1 facilities, the District has developed standard specifications for a variety of FF& E needs (primarily furniture items). Additionally, input from educational professionals are sought related to new or innovative areas related to furnishings and equipment in an attempt to ensure modern designs and technology opportunities and applications are explored. 

    Utilizing a variety of procurements opportunities including: State Contracts, the State's Prison Industries and District generated solicitations may be used in acquiring FF &E items required to outfit each school.




    Generally, the process for FF&E acquisitions for replacement projects, renovation or new builds are as follows:


    • Establish the FF&E Budgets for the facility\
    • Define the needs for each facility in accordance with established District Standards
    • Coordinate needs with staff members, professionals and interested parties
    • Acquire needed items through appropriate contracts and/ or solicitations
    • Develop and coordinate delivery and installation of FF&E items with the least amount of disruption to school activities
    • Coordinate final placement with District Movement Services staff


    RCSD1 may elect to incorporate qualified (FF&E) consultant(s) to oversee various portions of the acquisition, logistical staging and installation of FF& E items. This concept allows the District to entertain the expertise of a firm who can oversee the overall needs of the District and dedicate the resources to ensure timely acquisition, receipt and installation of the FF&E components.



    As follows, listed are some of the key elements an FF&E Consultant will be responsible providing:

    • Work closely with applicable District officials and designated parties in assessing specific needs within District standards. Meet frequently to discuss processes related to overall goals.
    • Demonstrate the ability to meet time restraints related to successful completion of overall project
    • Develop a comprehensive plan to include:
    • Delivery and installation schedules
    • Room by Room installation plan
    • Address specific need of District
    • Inventory analysis of existing furniture usable and surplus items
    • Trash removal and clean up process
    • Prepare a detailed plan as to time lines, which are specific to ordering, receipt, warehousing and installation and of items
    • Present a disaster recovery plan which details additional resources which will be acquired to meet District's needs in the event of a disaster related to human error or otherwise


    In addition to providing quality facilities, it is the District's desire to also meet the daily FF&E needs of the students, staff and visitors by utilizing the various guidelines set forth.