• Disposal of Offline Facilities


    This procedure will provide the guidelines for handling the disposal of Offline Facilities. Click on a link to get more info.


    As defined by the Administrative Rule for the Disposal and Lease of School Properties, the Administration will recommend to the Board that properties can be disposed of in one of the following methods:


    1. Donation to Non-Profit Organization
    2. Trading for other property more suitable for district needs
    3. Direct sale to a Non-Profit Organization
    4. Sale, by prior public announcement, to any organization or individual
    5. Lease agreement on a yearly basis (contract)




    i. Any property identified as a potential for disposal shall be presented to the Board of School Commissioners for approval.

    ii. As a minimum, the Director of Facility Construction Services shall present a recommendation that provides a legal description of the property, an appraisal of the properties value, and a recommendation of one of the above noted methods.

    iii. Once the recommendation is approved by the Board, the Administrationwill advertise the disposal of the property in the local news media for a minimum of sixty (60) days.

    iv. A review of the proposals shall be made by a panel selected by the Director of Procurement.

    v. The recommended proposal shall be presented to the Board of School Commissioners for approval.

    vi. After approval by the Board of School Commissioners, this information shall be forwarded to Richland County Council and the SC Department of Education for approval of final transactions.


    It is the intent of the Administration, to recommend the award of the use of these facilities based on three criteria including Use, Lease Proposal, and Maintenance Plans. The major objectives of this plan are to assure that the
    facilities will be community centered and physically maintained. Listed below are the criteria to be used to recommend the use of the facility:



    Description of Use

    It is suggested that the intended use of the facility have some related function with the community surrounding the facility. As the district has been a good and considerate neighbor, it is desirable that the new tenant be as responsible to the supporters of that community.

    Score would range from 1 to 10.
    Weight - 40%

    Cost Proposal

    The intent of this criterion is to procure the best possible financial arrangement for the use and subsequent lease of district property. The lease agreements must be comparable to fees for other facilities similar in nature. The best acceptable Lease Proposal will be rate as 10 and the others proposals will be rated in order accordingly.

    Score would range from 1 to 10.
    Weight - 25%


    Maintenance Plan

    The intent of this criterion is to assure the district that the facility will be maintained in a suitable manner for the members of the community. One of the major concerns of the school district regarding the disposition of Offline Facilities is the maintaining of the facility once it has been disposed. The plans will be rated based on the presenters ability to show that the facility will be adequately maintained.

    Score would range from 1 to 10.
    Weight - 35%