CEEB Code for Dreher:  410520


    COmmon APp

    Common Applicaton to more than 800 colleges:  click here.






    Common Black College App


    Common Black College Application to more than 53 HBCUs:  click here.






    Coalition APp



    The Coalition for College Access, an application to 139 colleges and universitities: Coalition for College Access



    Universal Colleg APP



    The Universal College Application is used by sixteen colleges and universities.  Click here to apply.




    ED EA

     Early ActionEarly Decision?  Which is Which?  Which (if either) do I Want to Do?


    *Click here for a discussion of both Early Action and Early Decision.


    *Download an Early Decision/Early Action Calendar here.






    College Application Fee Waivers are available at over 2000 colleges.  If you registered for and took the SAT or one of the SAT Subject Tests using a fee waiver, you are automatically eligible to receive four college application fee waivers.


    See answers to FAQs at the College Board website.