• Welcome to 7th Grade

    I am Ms. Sherman, Hopkins Middle School’s 7th grade school counselor.  The 7th grade year can be a challenging journey for children, but I am here to assist students as they navigate through different social and academic challenges.  Getting to know your school counselor is one of the most important things you can do to make the most of middle school.  I really enjoy my role in encouraging students to strive for their personal best.  I am thrilled to be working with the students, teachers, administrators, and parents whom I so highly regard.   My role as school counselor allows me to visit classrooms once a month to do a classroom lesson. All lessons are based on the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model where the focus will be on academic, career & personal/social development of all students.  When needed, I facilitate small groups throughout the year for helping selected students to discuss specific concerns they have in common with other students.  I utilize solution-focused techniques during individual sessions.

    In the Mind of a 7th Grader

    To get a glimpse of what it is going on in the mind of a seventh grader, take a look inside his or her book bag /locker.  Chances are it is a chaotic mess of papers, books, headphones, and empty snack bags.  Seventh grade is a transitional time when students are leaving their childhood behind and looking ahead to high school.  Their lives, bodies, and emotions are changing, so keeping up with assignments is the LAST priority of the day.  The main concerns for seventh grade students are socialization and inclusion.  The main concern is peer approval versus adult approval.  The seventh grade year is the year you can get a sneak peek of the adult your child will become.  The hardest part about being a seventh grader is his or her “new” behaviors.  One minute they want to be treated like adults and the next minute they are having tantrums.  Now is the time for teachers and parents not to let up.  Remember: STAGES CAN BECOME BEHAVIORS!


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