• Available Services


    We offer free consultations for customers to discuss typesetting, graphic design, layout options and binding/finishing of the product.


    Digital Storefront
    Your digital storefront is located HERE. On the storefront you are able to get real-time quotes and place orders directly to the copy center. You are also able to track the status of your order as well as resubmit orders when needed. The copy center’s staff is available at anytime you need assistance. 


    Digital High Speed Copying

    Q: What exactly does digital copying mean?
    A: First generation copy of your document submitted electronically.

    Example: Instead of just making a copy of your document, you are now able to upload your document electronically into the digital storefront, and we print it directly to our high-speed copiers, like you would print to your office printer.



    Large Format Poster and Banner Printer

    Yes, we now have a large format poster and banner printer. We can now print your posters and banners at an affordable price.


    Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Services

    We are not only a copy shop. We also offer typesetting and graphic design services using professional design and desktop publishing software, allowing us to create needed documents, brochures, newsletters, stationary, books, posters, publications, logos, etc., pretty much anything you can imagine.



    Offset Printing Services

    We still have our single and two-color offset printing equipment which allows for reproduction of high-quality items such as envelopes and invitations. 



    Bindery/Finishing Services

    We provide bindery/finishing services such as folding, stapling, padding, booklet making, drilling and paper cutting. For book finishing, we offer tape, GBC and strip binding.