• South Carolina Career Information System


    Dear Parents and Guardians of Richland One Students in Grades K-12:

    Our mission is to provide accurate and up-to-date educational and career information to S.C. schools and other sites through the use of South Carolina's own Career Information Delivery system (SCOIS). The SCOIS Career System will assist educators with incorporating integrative learning strategies that address state curriculum standards in conjunction with current and practical educational and career information. It will further allow teachers to develop efficient long range academic achievement plans for students.

    SCOIS (S.C. Occupational Information System) is South Carolina's Official Career Resource Network. As a State Program, SCOIS is authorized by both Federal and State Law and is mandated to provide a vast array of Career Development products and services including the State's Computerized Career Information System.

    SCOIS is strongly supported by school districts all across South Carolina and by the State Legislature. SCOIS has most recently been authorized by the State Legislature in the S.C. Education and Economic Development Act of 2005.

    South Carolinians have been using SCOIS since 1977 to prepare for careers that will be in future demand. SCOIS is used in all grades K-12 as well as post secondary institutions and guides you all the way to state and national job openings. Students who use SCOIS can better prepare their Individualized Graduation Plans (IGPs.)

    SCOIS is an on-line system and you need a password to enter. You will have access to several Career Assessments, College Information, Occupational Information, College Major Information, Career Clusters, School Subjects matched to careers, Financial Aid Information, Private Trade Schools, Career Videos, Building and Posting Resumes, Career Electronic Portfolios, Salary and Outlook information on Careers, Lesson Plans for Teachers, Career Guidance Tools for Parents, Accountability Reports for Administrators and much much more.

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    For additional assistance with your student’s account, please contact your student’s school counselor.