• Facts About High School Dropouts

    • High School dropouts are eligible for only 12% of new jobs

    • Rates of unemployment for minorities are up to 10 times higher for those without a high school education

    • Most Hispanics remain in low skilled positions

    • Dropouts have only half as much annual income as a high school graduate by the time prime working age is reached

    • Dropouts earn over one million dollars less than a college graduate during their working years

    • Girls who drop out are more likely to have children at a younger age and to be single parents

    • 75% of state prison inmates do not have a high school diploma

    • Almost 59% of federal prison inmates did not complete high school



    Life Changing Questions...


    Are you considering dropping out of School?

    Have you dropped out of school and want to return to get your high school diploma?

    Is the traditional school environment not working for you?

    Are you bored with your classes?

    Are you behind a grade or more?

    Do you have difficulty in reading and understanding assignments?

    Do you need a change in your life?


    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to contact the Richland One Office of Dropout Prevention. We will be glad to assist you in making a change to get your life back on track! Contact our office and learn about the variety of services that maybe able to get you the education you need and deserve!