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    About Us

    Our Goal:

    The Department of Secondary Education provides leadership in establishing a comprehensive system that supports district and school personnel in implementing the district's curricular and instructional initiatives.

    Our Objectives:

    • Organize and support district level curriculum by providing information and tools that support the delivery of expected instructional practices.
    • Increase use of effective strategies and techniques for assessing student progress towards meeting standards.
    • Work collaboratively with other departments to establish systems for training and supporting teachers as they work to implement the district's curriculum.


    Primary Support Services:

    • Communicate standards and expectations for teaching and learning

    • Provide tools, information, training and support that increase teacher knowledge and understanding of content

    • Support schools in assuring vertical articulation of standards

    • Identify, recommend and/or develop instructional resources that promote the achievement of academic standards

    • Maintain a comprehensive computer-based system for monitoring and measuring student progress towards meeting standards

    • Support schools in identifying and using effective practices for monitoring and assessing student progress

    • Provide schools with support and direction in utilizing effective intervention, academic assistance and enrichment strategies