• Curriculum & Instruction

    curriculum logo The Office of Curriculum & Instruction provides leadership in establishing a comprehensive system that supports district and school personnel in implementing and monitoring the district’s curricular and instructional initiatives.


    Our Mission

    We are Richland One, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.



    1.       Students will master numeracy and literacy skills.

    2.       Students will demonstrate higher order thinking, social skills, and character traits necessary to be contributing citizens in a global society.

    3.       As life-long learners, students will be empowered to continue exploring their interests and passions.



    1.       We will ensure a variety of innovative, transformative, personalized learning experiences for each student from early childhood through graduation.

    2.       We will foster an environment that embraces change and leads to a responsive culture of accountability, communication and stakeholder engagement.

    3.       We will build/grow capacity for individual and system-wide productivity to accomplish our mission.



    Contact Information


    Coordinator of Foreign Language and International Programs


    Dr. Anthony Boatwright
    Coordinator of Health and Physical Education


    Dr. Carolyn Donelan
    Lead Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center


    Dr. Quantina Haggwood
    Director of Early Childhood Education


    Nancy Pope
    Coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts


    Dallas Webb
    Coordinator of Advanced Academic Programs


    Candice Wilson
    Director of Montessori Programs