New Leadership Magnet Program

    Starting in the fall of 2018, Richland One will offer students even more educational options thanks to a $15 million federal grant. The funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) will be used to add magnet programs at four district schools.


    Innovative instructional approaches and unique learning experiences will be hallmarks of each magnet program. The Richland One Language Immersion Program at Carver-Lyon Elementary School, which currently offers Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, will expand to include French and a global leadership component. Three other Richland One schools will use their grant money to help prepare students for careers and leadership opportunities: Bradley Elementary School will create a career awareness magnet; W.G. Sanders Middle School will have a career exploration magnet; and W.J. Keenan High School will develop a career preparation magnet, as well as four academies to help students prepare for jobs in the fields of hospitality/tourism, government, entrepreneurship and engineering.


    A K-12 leadership and career pathway has been developed that focuses on awareness, exposure, exploration and preparation for identified career paths. Through Leadership Richland One, evidence-based programs like The Leader in Me and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens/People will be used to develop a whole school culture that (1) teaches and models the seven habits, (2) recognizes and nurtures gifts and talents, (3) delivers authentic learning and leadership opportunities, and (4) grows essential soft skills. In addition, each school will provide focused opportunities to understand career opportunities, compare opportunities on a global scale, explore career choices, experience career options and prepare for career paths.


    Program Locations: Bradley Elementary School, Carver-Lyon Elementary School, W.G. Sanders Middle School and W.J. Keenan High School


    Eligibility Criteria: Open to all Richland One students


    Student Selection Method: Lottery for Bradley and W.G. Sanders (for careers component) and Carver-Lyon (for language immersion) and W.J. Keenan (for careers component)


    Bus Transportation: Provided for all students


    MSAP Magnet School Grant Project Director Office: 

    Project Director- Dr. Teresa Turner, (803) 231-7566, teresa.turner@richlandone.org

    Grant Assistant- Bettye House, (803) 231-7566, bettye.house@richlandone.org


    MSAP Magnet School Principals:

    Bradley – Kezia Myers, (803) 738-7200, Kezia.myers@richlandone.org

    Carver-Lyon/Language Immersion – Monica Adams, (803) 343-2900, monica.adams2@richlandone.org

    W.G. Sanders – Andrenna Smith, (803) 738-7577, andrenna.smith@richlandone.org

    W.J. Keenan – Vondre’ Whaley, (803) 714-2500, vondre.whaley@richlandone.org


    MSAP School Magnet Lead Teachers:

    Bradley- Karen Ogen, (803) 738-7200, karen.ogen@richlandone.org

    Carver-Lyon- Erika Barboza, (803) 343-2900, erika.barboza-ayala@richlandone.org

    W.G. Sanders-Ronda Sanders, (803) 738-7577, ronda.steadman@richlandone.org

    W.J. Keenan- Shalise Wine, (803) 714-2500, ronda.steadman@richlandone.org