Early Childhood Special Services

  • What is Early Childhood Special Services (ECSS)?

    All school districts are required by federal law to provide free educational and related services to children 3 to 21 years old with developmental delays or disabilities. Richland County School District One staffs and provides specialized instruction to eligible preschool students. This program offers preschool curricula that focus on the developmental and functional needs of its students within a preschool environment.

    Early Childhood Special Services

    5935 Token Street- Columbia, SC- 29203

    Tel #: 803-691-3993

    How do I find out if my child may attend an Early Childhood Special Services (ECSS) program?

    The district engages in an ongoing Child Find process to locate and identify children with disabilities in need of special education and related services.  Child Find screenings are scheduled every other Friday of each month at the Early Childhood Special Services Office located at 5935 Token Street-Columbia, SC-29203.  

    What to expect at the screening?

    Richland County School District One offers free screenings to identify children at risk for developmental or learning deficits.  The areas of concern that are assessed during the Child Find Screening: Academic and Readiness, Achievement Skills, Cognitive Ability, Communication, Speech/Language, Hearing, Vision, Motor Skills, Social/Emotional, Behavior Skills and Daily Living Skills.

    When are Child Find/Screenings scheduled?

    Please contact the office at 803-691-3993 if you have concerns about your child’s development or speech.  

    What if my child does not demonstrate any delays? Can he/she attend the program?

    If your child is on track developmentally, you will be given information on activities that can be done at home to help you further help your child become ready for Kindergarten.

    What if there is a need for further evaluation?

    A referral to consider special education and consent for assessment would be reviewed with parents.  At the time that consent for more testing is given, the district must complete the evaluation within 60 days. Parents will also receive a copy of Procedural Safeguards.