• Benefits of AP Capstone


    • Fosters the research, argumentation, and communication skills at the core of college readiness and lifelong learning.
    • Provides a setting to build on the knowledge and rigorous coursework of AP in an interdisciplinary format.
    • Lets students show colleges that they’ve challenged themselves academically and also illustrate their passion and interest in specific research topics.
    • Makes students self-confident, independent thinkers prepared for higher education.

    High Schools:  

    • Allows high schools to differentiate themselves by implementing a challenging program.
    • Lets teachers improve their teaching skills in a student-centered classroom environment.
    • Offers a flexible curricular content model with room for creativity and student input.
    • Offers an implementation model schools can customize for scheduling demands, curricular structures, or state and local requirements.
    • Builds professional excellence in a weeklong, collaborative professional development institute.

    Higher Education:  

    • Helps high school students gain research, collaboration, and communication skills essential for college and for today’s complex and interconnected world.
    • Identifies students with the research, writing, and collaboration skills necessary to complete college.
    • Identifies students able to articulate their passion and interests in specific research topics.
    • Provides consistent, externally validated measures of student ability.
    • Demonstrates student research and writing ability through a 4,000–5,000-word scholarly research paper.

    For credit policy and other information, visit:  collegeboard.org/apcapstonehed