• Third through fifth graders are competing in a weekly multiplication face-off to determine Hyatt Park's mathematician of the week. Under the guidance of math interventionist Ms. Cribb, our students are competing head-to-head every Friday, sharpening their computation skills. 

    First Week's Winner Zanadia Perkins

    First week's winner, Zanadia Perkins.

    Second week's winner Davion Etheridge

    Second week's winner, Davion Etheridge.

    Third week's winners Olivia Wilson and Ahmariah Pagan

    Third week's winners (a tie!), Olivia Wilson and Ahmariah Pagan.

    Fourth week's winner Jakiyah Bethel

    Fourth week's winner, Jakiyah Bethel.

    Quameir Miller

    Fifth week's winner, Quameir Miller.