• Making It Happen


    Schoolwide Title 1 Programs

    C. A. Johnson High School exceeds the 40% poverty level, so we operate Schoolwide Title I programs during the 2018-2019 school year.  Funds are used to improve core instruction and provide supplemental reading instruction.

    The ultimate goal of Schoolwide programs is the success of all students through effective instruction while offering additional remediation to eligible, struggling students.  All students are considered for the extra help, with a major emphasis being placed on good core instruction, not just pullout or push-in support.   Click here for the C.A.J.Title One Plan 

     Components of a School-wide Program

    • A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school was conducted using a variety of data.
    • School-wide reform strategies are established to provide opportunities for all children to meet the state’s performance standards.
    • Instruction is conducted by properly certified staff.
    • Professional development is conducted on an on-going basis throughout the school year.
    • Parent & Family Engagement activities are conducted to increase parent participation.
    • Plans are included to provide transitional assistance from pre-school to elementary, from elementary to Jr high school, and from Jr high school to high school.
    • Measures are taken to include teachers in assessment decisions.
    • Support services and additional academic assistance are provided to ensure students master academic standards and/or meet academic requirements on state exams.