• The state of South Carolina has a standardized adoption process for instructional materials, including textbooks. 

    The state legislature appropriates money each year for instructional materials. The state’s instructional materials review committee determines which subjects will be up for adoption. The state puts out bids for the subject areas under adoption for that year. Instructional review committees review all bids and create a list of recommended books. The books are available for public review for 30 days.

    The materials are currently virtually accessible and available for review from 5/24/2024 until 6/11/2024 at the links below.

    Link - High School Science

    These materials were virtually accessible and available for review from 2/20/202 until 3/1/2024 via the links below.

    Link - Middle School English Language Arts 6-8.  

    Link - High School English Language Arts, English 1-4, and Advanced Placement.  

    Link - High School Social Studies

    After the public review, the recommended book lists go to the State Board of Education. The State Board of Education then approves or rejects the recommended books. The state publishes the list of approved books for the districts. Vendors and the State Department of Education host a series of caravans around the state so teachers from around the state can look at the approved materials. 

    Instructional Materials Adoption Program Overview (sc.gov)

    Once the caravans are complete, committee members vote on the books and resources the state has provided. The district’s Teaching & Learning department reviews and selects materials from the pre-approved list of resources from the State Department of Education.