• Zoning Change

    • The District sought to make the changes to the proposed athletics field at Dreher High School through the revision process defined in the PUD (planned unit development) agreement with the City. The District was informed by the City that any changes to the field would require a zoning change instead of a PUD revision. Therefore, the District proceeded as directed.


    New Multi-Purpose Turf Field

    • The life expectancy of the field is anticipated to be at least eight years, with a potential life expectancy of 10-12 years.


    • The field is made of carpet fibers with a composite of cork, coconut fibers and a zeolite sand material. The materials used have been tested to show no negative impact on the student-athletes. The turf reacts similarly to natural turf.


    • The sub-surface of the field is made of screening that will allow the rain water to drain in a similar manner as natural turf. The flow of the water would be similar to what it is currently.


    • The practice field will be used to support the school’s educational and athletic needs. The school’s athletics teams will operate during daylight hours when suitable natural lighting is available.


    • The field would be used primarily by the district for practices and events sponsored by the school and district. It is the district’s intention to use these facilities mainly for the Dreher student body.


    • The restroom and concessions building will be located between the field and the school building. The height of the bleachers will be less than 15 feet high. The netting on Adger Road will be 40 feet high.



    • During normal practice times, the school administration and coaching staff will be responsible for activities on site, as they are for all of the other activities. During competitions, the protocol will be the same as with basketball games. There will be administrative staff on site, as well as off-duty police officers, to manage the activities. The District has had a number of activities at the school site and will continue to preserve the character of the community.


    • The District and the City previously worked together and submitted a request to the S.C. Department of Transportation for a traffic control device, as recommended by the PUD. The request was denied by SCDOT because of the close proximity of the proposed traffic control device to the existing one at the intersection of Millwood and Devine.


    Memorial Stadium

    • The Memorial Stadium complex is designed for district competition events. The Dreher and A.C. Flora teams will use the stadium for their large competition events. The baseball and softball fields will be used primarily for Dreher.


    New Tennis Courts

    • The District is allowed to use the City’s tennis facilities when the City does not need to use them. The District has informed the city about our concerns regarding the tennis courts Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). However, it is incumbent upon the District to find suitable facilities for the Dreher tennis teams. Relocating the tennis courts to Millwood would negatively impact other activities, including the band practice field.


    • The sketch shows the layout of the new tennis courts and field at Dreher. The field and tennis courts must meet the buffering requirements of the City with plantings and distances. The lights at the tennis courts will be approximately 30 feet high.


    • Girls’ tennis is played in the fall. The season begins on or near August 1. Lights would only begin to be utilized near the end of the season, which would be in October. Practices for girls’ tennis typically occur between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Matches begin at 5:30 and typically will be concluded by 7:30 p.m. Boys’ tennis would begin around February 1. Lights would be utilized on a daily basis through February and March. Practices would typically end around 7:00 p.m. and matches typically are concluded by 8:00 p.m. There would be dates throughout the winter that might be utilized for off-season workouts, but those workouts would conclude no later than 7:00 p.m.


    Click here to view sample boys’ and girls’ tennis schedules.


    • During each season, the tennis teams are allowed to hold two tournaments. They may choose to host one or both tournaments that would be on a Saturday. Those tournaments typically are concluded by 7:00 p.m.


    • The tennis teams’ schedules of practices and matches may be expanded since they would no longer be dependent upon the City of Columbia and their recreation centers. However, the teams cannot exceed what is dictated in their schedules and by the rules set by the S.C. High School League.


    • The dates of the teams’ first practices are determined by the school and the coaches. Some coaches choose not to use the off-season in order to allow students to participate in other activities. Some coaches have practices during the open season periods. However, all non-season practices are voluntarily and rarely have full-squad participation.