• Water Safety and Swimming Instruction - Frequently Asked Questions


    Question: How will my child receive classroom instruction (math, language arts, etc.) on days of swimming?

    Answer: Water safety and swimming lessons are given in the morning. When students return from these lessons, they will take their core classes in the afternoon. Students will also participate in instructional activities in the Wellness Center’s and Columbia College's gym or designated areas while they wait to take swim lessons and/or after they complete the lessons and wait for their classmates who are in the pool. Students will also have opportunities to engage in integrated lessons to include math, language arts, science and social studies.





    Question: What should my child bring for swim lessons?

    Answer: Students only need to bring a bathing suit, towel, and plastic grocery/store or waterproof bag with their name written in permanent marker or on masking tape attached to the bag. In cool weather, a hat or hooded jacket is recommended. Swim caps are optional. They do not need goggles, swim shoes, flip flops, cover ups or any additional items.




    Question: Will there be opportunities to make up lessons if my child is absent?

    Answer: No. Because the schedule for the lessons is so tight (1,600+ 2nd graders are scheduled this school year 2006-2007), no opportunities for make-up are scheduled.




    Question: Who will be teaching the water safety and swim lessons?

    Answer: The lessons will be taught by instructors from The Swim Lessons Company. The company is licensed and insured. All instructors are certified as lifeguards, as well as being certified in First Aid and CPR. Students receive either of 3 levels of instruction, according to their abilities and progress. Students receive 7 or 8 days of instruction for 30 minutes per day. Additionally, all of the Swim Lessons Company staff and volunteers have undergone criminal background checks.




    Question: What about insurance for my child to take the lessons?

    Answer: Parents are encouraged to purchase the school-day insurance offered by the district. However, no child will be denied participation because of the lack of personal insurance.




    Question: Can parents attend swim lessons?

    Answer: Parents can attend the lessons but will have to observe from the outside of the pool. Parents cannot get in the water with their children.




    Question: What if my child does not have a bathing suit?

    Answer: No child will be denied participation for not having a bathing suit. School and district staff will assist in getting children bathing suits. Please let school staff know of this need. However, parents/guardians are encouraged to purchase their child’s/children’s bathing suits.




    Question: What are the requirements for my child to participate in the water safety and swim program?

    Answer: Parents will have to read and sign a Parent’s Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver/Release of Liability Form prior to their child participating in the program. The form also includes a section for parents/guardians to list any pre-existing medical problems the child may have.




    Question: What about supervision and transportation to and from the swim lessons?

    Answer: Transportation will be provided by Richland One and students will be supervised by school staff and volunteers at all times. 





    Question: Will this program be continued in future years? I have smaller children that I would like to take these lessons.
    Answer: The program is evaluated at the end of each school year. Based upon the results of the evaluation and from a recommendation from the administration, the School Board votes to either continue or discontinue the program.