• The Paideia Coached Project


    The Paideia Coached Project is a unit of study, centered on ideas and values, that leads to a student production or performance.  Throughout project work, students engage in curriculum by learning information, practicing skills, and deepening their understanding of ideas and values.  Coached Projects take place in the classrooms each nine week period.  



     Kindergarten: Me Museum  

    Me Museum

    Our Kindergarten students will share all they can about what makes them special from their name to their favorite things.  They will complete projects related to their interests and abilities and share them all in a museum gallery that will be available to the public in October.  

    1st Grade: Maps, Maps, Maps

    1st grade students will design a map for a place that is special to them or that they make up.They will include map symbols, a legand and will practice labeling the places on their map.  Math skills will be integrated when students use shapes to symbolize the places on their map.  Students will present to Kindergarteners on October 21.

    2nd Grade: The Game of Math

    Our 2nd graders will create math center activities to help them review important math skills.  They will integrate writing and math skills when they design activities to use in the classroom during math center time.  Parents will get to engage with these fun projects during Student-led Conferences on October 30.

    3rd Grade: The Green Corn Festival 

    Green Corn Festival

    Students will be learning about the three major tribes that inhabited the land that is now South Carolina as long ago as the 1400s.  They will learn about the geography, culture, and governments that made these tribes so special.  Then they will complete a seminar on what it would have been like when the first European Explorers came to their land.  They will complete projects that show what the third graders have learned about these important topics including painting murals, designing Native American villages, creating musical instruments and building wigwams.  The festival will be open to families in late October.  Teachers will send out more information.

    4th Grade: Severe Weather



    Students will learn about these important weather systems including what makes them happen and how we can prepare for them.  They will complete projects based on their interest to show what they have learned about these weather systems and how they can help people to be ready for them when they come their way.  These projects will be used to teach community members more about severe weather.

    5th Grade: Westward Expansion

    Westward Expansion

    Students will learn all about life in America after the Civil War when people started moving west.  They will learn about the motives of the pioneers as well as about what life was like on the journey across the land that is now the USA.  They will complete project including writing diaries, writing plays, creating topographical maps, and designing dioramas.