• Professional Learning Management System (truenorthlogic)


     The district’s Professional Learning Management System (PLMS) is currently truenorthlogic (TNL).  The PLMS allows educators to search, view, and sign up for tailored professional learning from an easy-to-use personalized Course Catalog screen. 

    Users can access the professional learning management system (truenorthlogic) by using the same network/computer User Name (first.last) and Password.  

    The district’s PLMS has a Mobile App that provides instructors and participants access to course details and electronic sign.  The app is available for Android in Google Play and for iOS users in the App Store. Please enter the code (8m3RMS) and login using your district username and password to use the application on your phone.

  • Troubleshooting

    The number one reason a person is unable to access their PLMS (truenorthlogic) account is that they have failed to reset their district network password.  It is important for users to know that their PLMS (truenorthlogic) log in is tied to their district network login.  The Office of Instructional Services cannot reset passwords.  

    1. Reset your district network password 
      1. Press Ctrl, Atl, and Delete
      2. Select Change a Password
      3. Change your password
    2. Within the next 24 hours, you should be able to login to truenorthlogic. 
    3. If you are still unable to access truenorthlogic, call the help desk for assistance with your district network password (803-231-7436).