• Library Circulation Policy


    Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten Classes - Students check out 1 book at a time .  If the book is lost, damaged, or overdue, they will not check out another book until the original book is turned in or paid for.


    First through Fifth grades  - Students typically check out 2 books at a time. During research projects, students may check out an additional book if needed. If a book becomes lost, damaged or overdue, the student will not check out any further books until the original book is turned in or paid for.   To avoid overdue books, students are encouraged to bring books they are still reading to the library on check out day to have it renewed.  


    Students who turn in damaged books will be held responsible. If the book cannot be repaired, the student is responsible for paying the cost to replace it. If the book can be repaired the fine will be minimal to cover the materials to fix the book.


    Please email Ms. Ballew with any questions at Lucy.ballew@richlandone.org.