school dude


  • **New IT Help Desk and Work Order System

    A new IT help desk and work order (ticket) system has been implemented to coincide with the beginning of the school year. The iCare system has been replaced with the SchoolDude system. An automated email from SchoolDude was sent to all District staff letting them know their user name and requesting a password change -- through a link in the email.

    Staff can click the link and change their passwords. Please select a password that meets the following criteria:

    • Eight or more characters

    • At least one alpha uppercase and one lowercase character

    • Numbers are acceptable but not required

    • Symbols are acceptable but not required When the new password has been created, staff can access the SchoolDude Help Desk.

    SchoolDude can be accessed from the District Web Page or at . There is also a link to “SchoolDude Customer Care” on the District’s home page. On the login screen, be sure to choose “Help Desk” from the dropdown list of systems. When creating a Help Desk ticket, be sure to include:

    • The Work Type from the drop-down list

    • The Area or Room Number

    • The Location (the school or site); this will expedite the ticket to the appropriate technician

    • A detailed description of the problem

    • If the ticket is for service on a computer, include the user name for the primary user

    • Please do not create duplicate tickets.


    If you require assistance or encounter a problem creating a work order, contact the Customer Care Center (a.k.a. the Help Desk) at 803 231-7436.