Richland County School District One Budget Services – Quick Facts

    Commonly Used Terms

    ORG Code – is based on the unique fund/program/function combination and once established, the unit code is placed in front of this code.


    Fund Code – is a segment that consists of three digits to identify the funding source.


    Unit Code – is the 3-digits that remains the same and identifies the location (i.e. school or department)


    Program Code – is a four-digit number that identifies a specific target program (i.e. Career Education, Adult Education, etc.)


    Function Code – describes the activity for which a service or material object is acquired (area of responsibility)


    Object Code – describes the type of service or commodity obtained as a result of a specific expenditure (i.e. salaries, supplies and materials)


    Project Code – is used to account for the fund and fiscal year (for general fund it will always be 00001)


    Journal Voucher – are transactions used to update the general ledger by posting either accruals, reversals, reclassifications, or corrections. 




    Account Code Structure

    Unit                       ORG                       Object                  Project

    3-Digits                  5-Digits                  6-Digits                5-Digits


    Example:             37818804-460000-72010




    Different categories of object codes outlined in MUNIS


    • Salaries                      100000

    • Fringe Benefits            200000

    • Purchased Services      300000

    • Supplies and Materials 400000

    • Capital Outlay             500000

    • Other Objects             600000

    • Transfers                   700000