Accredited College

    Nationally, regionally, or South Carolina State Board of Education approved college or university that awards credit for courses completed.  Courses may be online or traditional.




    Certificate Renewal Credit

    The South Carolina State Department of Education requires that an educator who is employed in a position that requires South Carolina certification must earn 120 renewal credits through professional development activities that (1) directly relates to the educator's professional growth and development plan (GBE), (2) supports the goals of the employing entity, and (3) promotes student achievement.  (State Board of Education, Regulation 43-55)




    Certificate Renewal Matrix

    A matrix containing information on certificate renewal options, eligibility criteria, renewal credits, and required verification.  click here





    Continuing Education Unit




    Computation Sheet

    The document the educator uses to identify one or more of the activities for renewal credit.  Includes information on verification, pre-approval (if required), signature of principal and/or renewal contact, and number of renewal credits.




    Employing Entity

    The school district or school employing the educator.




    The expiration date of the educator's certificate.




    Educators may request a one-year extension at the end of their validity period if they have not met all the requirements to renew their certificate.  (If an educator has an extension, the Office of Teacher Certification is the only entity that can renew the educator's certificate.)




    Goals Based Evaluation (ADEPT) (State Board of Education, Regulation 43-205.1)





    International Association for Continuing Education and Training:  The nationally recognized caretaker for CEU standards




    Pre-Approved (coordinated through Professional Development Academy)

    In-district professional development activities sponsored by schools or departments need to submit a Request to Sponsor a Certificate Renewal Professional Development Activity to Professional Development Academy and receive approval prior to the activity in order to for participants to earn renewal credits.




    Renewal Contact

    The school-based personnel identified as the first point of contact for information regarding certificate renewal.




    Renewal Option
    Ten types of professional development activities that may be used for renewal credit.

    1. College Credit

    2. State Department of Education Certificate Renewal Course

    3. Publications

    4. Instruction

    5. Professional Training

    6. Professional Assessor/Evaluator

    7. Mentorship, Supervision, or Instructional Coaching

    8. Educational Project, Collaboration, Grant or Research

    9. Professional Development Activity (Non-CEU Credit)

    10. Professional Development Activity (CEU Credit)



    Types of Certificates

    • Initial-3 year certificate during which time the educator must meet the requirements of ADEPT and the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching
    • Professional-5 year certificate for the educator who has met all of the initial requirements for South Carolina certification
    • Critical Need-1 year certificate issued annually to educators who are in the process of completing the requirements for South Carolina Alternative Certification (PACE)
    • International-educators from other countries who are participating in a variety of exchange programs approved by the South Carolina Department of Education
    • Trade and Industry (Work-Based Experience)-educators with specialized skills who are employed in teaching positions (career and technology education)




    Validity Period

    Usually begins July 1 of the year the certificate is issued and ends June 30 the year the certificate expires (number of years depends on type of certificate)





    Documentation in one or more of the ten renewal options submitted with the Computation Sheet used to determine the renewal credits an educator earned during the validity period