Explanation of the Plan

    The purpose of the new Certificate Renewal Plan is to provide a method that certified educators who hold a Professional certificate and are employed by the district with a contractual agreement can use to apply a broad range of relevant professional development activities to meet their certification renewal requirements. South Carolina state statute and State Board of Education regulations require that a teacher have a valid certificate in the area(s) he or she is teaching. 
    It is the sole responsibility and the contractual obligation of the employee to maintain a valid certificate.  For additional information about certification issues, please visit State Department of Education Office of Educator Services.
    It is a systematic method to integrate the requirements of employment with evaluation and professional development to support the goals of teachers, districts, school renewal and strategic plans. Click here for definitions.

    How To Earn Renewal Credits

    All educators holding a Professional certificate are required to earn 120 renewal credits during the validity period of their certificate.  Educators are responsible for keeping official documentation of participation in renewal activities.  For recertification credits to be earned, activities must meet eligibility criteria as described in the S.C. Renewal Credit Matrix.

    All administrators employed in a South Carolina public school district must complete a minimum of twenty (20) renewal credits (out of the required 120 renewal credits) during each five-year validity period in professional development activities that are designed to enhance their skills in supporting and encouraging teachers as professionals.  (South Carolina Board of Education, Regulation 43-165.1, Program for Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Principal Performance (ADEPP).)  For example, attending Institute for Learning training, Cognitive Coaching training, or the Center for Creative Leadership provide administrators with knowledge and skills to support and encourage the professional growth of their teachers.  To ensure that administrators receive appropriate credit, please follow the pre-approval process outlined in Step 2 below (How to Renew a Certificate).
    Renewal Option Matrix

    How To Renew A Certificate
    You must be employed and have a Professional or Grade A Certificate to renew your certificate through Richland One.
    Teachers who have a One-Year Extension on their certificate may contact the Director for Certified Employment in order to renew their certificates.
    Teachers who have a Trade and Industry Career and Technology  Work-Based Experience Certificate must contact the State Department of Education Office of Educator Services in order to renew their certificates.
    Retirees and substitutes who are not under contract with Richland One must contact the State Department of Education Office of Educator Services in order to renew their certificates. They may contact the Director for Certified Employment for assistance.

    1. Professional development activities that are eligible for renewal credit are above and beyond normal job duties and responsibilities. 
    The following activities are NOT intended for renewal credit.
    association membership/leadership activities
    Committee/board meetings
    Business meetings
    required work experience
    entertainment and recreation
    unsupervised study

    What is my Certfication Status?
    Visit the SDE's Office of Educator Services website -- www.ed.sc.gov

    Click on "Teachers" and then "Certification Status."

    Who is Richland One's Certificate Renewal Coordinator?
    Dr. Tammy Small 
    1616 Richland Street
    Columbia, SC 29201
    (803) 231-7463

    Who is the Certificate Renewal Contact for my school?
    The Certificate Renewal Contact person is the teacher's point-of-contact for questions regarding the Certificate Renewal Process.  Certificate Renewal Contact person assists teachers with pre-approval forms, receives and reviews the documentation that is attached to the Certificate Renewal Form prior to submitting the forms to the school principal.  The Certificate Renewal Contact person maintains communication with the Office of Certified Employment Services regarding renewal questions.
     Certificate Renewal School Representative Database -2022-2023 (Excel File)