What is an EAP?

    Richland County School District One works in cooperation with South Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide you and your dependents with a comprehensive assistance program whenever you need help with a problem.

    The reason for providing this program is District One's conviction that personal and family problem resolution contributes to healthy, happy and productive lives at home, in the community and at work.

    Vocational Rehabilitation's Employee Assistance Program uses professional counselors in the resolution of people's problems, such as:

    • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    • Family/marital stress
    • Alcohol dependency
    • Prescription and other drug abuse
    • Legal and financial problems
    • Difficulties with children
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Aging parents
    • Career counseling
    • Stress management
    • Information regarding community resources for medical needs

     How Does The EAP Work?

    Contact the Employee Assistance Program directly when you have a personal problem that affects your life or the people who are a part of your life. The number is (803) 782-4239. A phone call will get you an appointment with a counselor. The counselor will, after one or more visits, advise you as to the course of action that will best minimize your problems.


    There is no cost for participants in the program for the counseling done by staff members of Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are referred for additional assistance, there will generally be no costs. However, the EAP counselors are very helpful when it comes to finding a resource that you can afford. Some agencies offer a "sliding scale" depending upon your ability to pay. Certain costs may be offset, at least partially, by the district's benefits program.

    Your Privacy is Protected

    Neither your name nor your meeting with the EAP counselor will be disclosed to anyone unless you are referred to as a condition of your continued employment. No one else will know the content of a session between an employee and a counselor.