For more information, contact Karen York in the Richland One
    Office of Communications at (803) 231-7504

    or karen.york@richlandone.org.



    The Richland One Hall of Fame was established in 2004 to honor graduates of Richland One schools and other persons whose interests and activities – whether professional, vocational or voluntary – have resulted in significant contributions to the betterment of the school district, their communities, their states and/or our nation.


    The achievements of Richland One Hall of Fame inductees will have reflected honor on the district. Inductees will be those whose personal qualities reflect the values of good character that Richland One seeks to promote in its students: respect, fairness, kindness, cooperation, honesty, dependability, responsibility, good citizenship, caring and self-discipline.


    The Richland One Hall of Fame Selection Committee, a panel appointed by the Board of School Commissioners, will recommend up to, but no more than, five (5) inductees in any single year to the Board of School Commissioners for its approval. Nominees may be alumni of Richland One schools or persons who did not attend Richland One schools; however, the majority of honorees inducted each year will be alumni of Richland One schools.


    For a list of Hall of Fame laureates, go to www.richlandone.org. For more information about the Richland One Hall of Fame, contact Karen York in the Richland One Office of Communications at (803) 231-7504 or karen.york@richlandone.org.




    Nominees may have:

    • Shared an inspiring vision for the education of the district’s students; and/or

    • made notable contributions to the district’s educational policies or programs; and/or

    • made a significant contribution to society at large as a consequence of their education in the district’s schools; and/or made significant contributions to Richland County School District One, to their communities, to their professions and/or to society as a whole.


    • Nominees may be living or deceased.


    Nominees for the Hall of Fame may include:


    • Former Richland One students – Alumni of Richland One schools are eligible five (5) years after their graduation.

    • Former Richland One employees – Former Richland One employees are eligible two (2) years after their employment with the district has ended.

    • Former Richland One school board members – Former school board members are eligible two (2) years after their service on the Board has ended.

    • Community leaders – Please note that current elected officials (i.e. City Council, County Council members, legislators and other political office-holders) are ineligible; however, former elected officials may be nominated.

    • Parents of former Richland One students

    • Any other persons who have made the kinds of contributions which qualify for recognition in the Richland One Hall of Fame



    • Please complete all six (6) sections of this form. The scoring scale/point value for each section is noted beside the name of each section. There is no point value for Section 1.

    • Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number.

    • Write your nomination with the assumption that the persons who will be reading it will not have any prior knowledge of the person you are nominating for the Hall of Fame. Provide as much specific information as you can about your nominee and his/her contributions and achievements, as well as why you believe he/she should be selected for induction.

    • Attach NO MORE THAN two supporting documents.

    • Please note that the use of any previous nomination form will disqualify the nomination.



    NOTE: Nominators may submit only one (1) nomination per calendar year.

    If you have questions or need additional information about the Hall of Fame nomination process, contact Karen York in the Richland One Office of Communications at (803) 231-7504 or karen.york@richlandone.org.