For official meetings or written communications, the services of a certified interpreter/translator must be used. Please refrain from asking your ESOL or WL teachers to interpret or translate documents for parents. The Department of World Languages and ESOL Programs has used Certified Translation Services, (803) 781-7017, in the past and would recommend them as they provide quality service and a relatively quick turn around at a reasonable cost. If you choose to use a different company, please be sure their interpreters/translators are certified and the company is insured and bonded.


    Interpreters/translators may be arranged by the International Welcome Center to assist ESOL staff in conveying messages to non-English proficient parents or guardians on matters dealing with academic performance. If you require the services of a certified interpreter, please provide the date, time, location and reason for the meeting. Requests for interpreters/translators must be made two weeks in advance to allow for the requisition process as required by the district purchasing procedures.

    The interpreter company requires at least a 48-hour cancellation notice. If not, a two-hour minimum will be charged at school expense.