The Free Applicaton for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA), required by most colleges, will now be available online on October 1.  For a link to the online FAFSA click here.


    Students and their parents will complete this year's FAFSA (that is, for the 2020-2021 college school year) using income and tax return information from the 2018 tax year. Seniors, if you want to maximize your chance to receive financial aid at a college, complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1 and request that it be sent to the colleges on your wish list.



    Student and their parents who are anxious to get started may want to complete the FAFSA4caster.  FAFSA4caster is an early eligibility estimator that can help you plan ahead when it comes to paying for college.


    CAA Profile



    The CSS Profile is used by about 400 colleges to determine your eligibility for non-federal student aid.  Click here for the 2019-2020 CSS Profile Student Guide.  The 2020 CSS Profile should be ready sometime in October 2019.


    To get started on your CSS Profile, click here.