• Family, friends, and faculty,

     This year at Hand Middle School students were encouraged to participate in the 8th grade Community Service Learning Project. Students were given an opportunity to contribute a minimum of 10 hours to their community. Service learning is an instructional experience designed to let students choose how to apply knowledge and support their communities in a meaningful and authentic way.

     Service learning makes connections between the classroom and the community and provides structured time for students to reflect on their learning experiences. It is intended to instill a sense of civic responsibility by encouraging students to assess their impact upon the community as active contributors to society. This opportunity provided students with a more sophisticated lens through which they viewed education and the responsibility of giving back to the community. Each student identified a need in the community and then pursued real world interaction to address that particular need.

     Hand’s 8th grade students will be spearheading a campaign to bring gently used or new books to a school in Louisiana. Stella Worley Middle School is in great need. At Worley Middle School 85% of the students qualify for free lunch; the annual income of these families is under $15,171 (130% below the poverty line). Additionally, 5.9% of students receive reduced lunch; annual income for these families is under $21,590 (185% below the poverty line).

     After speaking with the administration at Worley, one resource they desperately need are books to help set up classroom libraries. Many of their classrooms do not have books that students can read during class or for leisure. In Richland County School District One, we understand the importance of building classroom libraries and we have been blessed with more books than we can store at times. It is time for us to pay it forward and help those in need.

     The students at Hand Middle School are collecting young adult books for students at Stella Worley Middle School. We are in need of books, boxes, and donations to ship books to Louisiana. All donations will be collected through ELA teachers’ classes. The last day to make donations is March 31, 2017.

     Your donation would be extremely helpful as we carry out this fundraiser. Thank you very much for your time and attention to this student led endeavor. For more information please feel free to email me at Danielle.odom@richlandone.org or via phone at (803) 343-2947 ext. 3333.

     Save the dates:

    ·         March 25th Community Book Drop Off and donations 9am to 11am – Please come by and drop off your gently used or new books in the teacher parking lot.

    ·         March 31, 2017, the last day to bring in books for Worley Middle School.




    The 8th Grade Service Learning Group