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    blocks that spell out Teaching and LearningThe core business of Richland School District One is learner success.  It is with this focus in mind that the Division of Teaching and Learning provides a vast array of curricula, programs, and learning opportunities to meet the needs of students and to support the professional growth and development of educators.


    Major Responsibilities

    Major areas of responsibility in the Division include:

    • Development and revision of curricula and assessments in all content areas;
    • Oversight for and management of the selection of instructional materials and resources that enhance curricula;
    • Selection and use of evidence-based interventions to support learning within the school day, as well as before or after school;
    • Implementation of career clusters and pathways that lead to career readiness;
    • Support for implementation of specialized courses such as Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, and Health that enhance development of the “whole child;”
    • Support for and compliance monitoring of programs and services to support the needs of students with disabilities or those who need additional assistance in meeting expected growth;
    • Implementation of Advanced Academic Programs as well as those for the artistically gifted;
    • Support for implementation of specialized programs, including but not limited to language immersion, virtual school, Montessori, Advanced Placement, dual enrollment, International Baccalaureate, ESOL, and STEAM-based learning;
    • Support for the professional growth and development of educators through coaching, on-site and visual professional learning opportunities, and participation in workshops and conferences; and
    • Support for schools in establishing physical learning environments that are aligned with effective instructional practices.


    Organizational Structure

    The Division of Teaching and Learning is organized under two broad areas: (1) Early Childhood and Elementary Education and (2) Secondary Education. However, some programs that are listed under one area (such as Special Services, Federal and State Programs, and specialized program areas) actually provide services PK-12. 










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