• Destiny Discover Online


    Books & resources available from the MCES Library Media Center.  You must login with a username and password, which are your student ID and 6 digit birthday, to read online or download ebooks.  Ms. Davidson or your teacher can provide you with your student ID.


    1. After clicking here: Destiny Discover, you will be directed to a screen and you will choose your state, SC, and your school, Mill Creek and you will login. Next you will be directed to our home page where you can click the Search Options for a specific title, an author or a subject. Ebooks are available to read online or to download to read offline.

    2. For Titles:  Choose Title and type in the title of the book.

    For Authors:   Choose Author and type in the author's last name 

    For Subject:  Choose Subject and type in the subject.

    You may also choose by genre, series, ebooks, audiobooks and reading level.


    Have fun and read, read, read!