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     Are you experiencing a bit of cabin fever? If you find yourself with time on your hands, even after completing your eLearning assignments, why not read a good book?  You are never alone if you have a good book to read.    

    Of course both the public library and our own library at Dreher are closed.  BUT...you can make a virtual visit to the stacks. 


    Destiny Catalog  

    You can download books from Dreher's Destiny Catalog.  Check it out here.





    High school students in Richland One receive a student account at the Richland Library using their student ID number. Accounts are created automatically each school year, unless students opt out during school registration:


    The Richland Library also has compiled a list of ways to relax and keep learning, appropriately entitled "Stuck at Home?"



    If you come across a "read" that you think others might like, share it with us by taking this survey:

     Something I am reading now that you might like...