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    “A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.” Old proverb

    Procurement and Warehouse Services Organization and Responsibilities

    Procurement and Warehouse Services is responsible for the purchasing and contracting of all supplies, services and information technology throughout the District. It is the responsibility of our department to assure the Administration and the Board of School Commissioners that procurement is conducted in a legal, ethical and professional manner. Our team processes requests in accordance with the RCSD1 Procurement Code, State of South Carolina procurement laws, and various policies and regulations applicable to the procurement field.

    We are committed to the development and maintenance of a large vendor base and strong vendor relations.

    We are strongly committed to the continued development and utilization of small, women, minority business enterprises (S/W/MBE). Procurement Services undertakes all reasonable and appropriate actions to promote such businesses and ensure they are provided fair and equitable opportunity to receive District business.

    The District has established a goal that 15% of total controllable dollars should be directed toward SWMBE.



    Procurement and Warehouse Services performs many functions including:

    • direct purchase or soliciting of bids/proposals

    • assisting departments in performing market research to identify qualified and responsible vendors

    • analyzing and awarding bids/proposals

    • disposal of surplus property through auctions, etc.

    • overseeing the performance of various vendor and supply contracts

    • providing assistance to S/W/MBE businesses in support of District goals

    Our Procurement Code states that our purpose and policies are to:

    • provide increased economy in District procurement activities and to maximize to the fullest extent practicable the purchasing values of funds while ensuring procurements that are the most advantageous to the District;

    • foster effective broad-based competition for public procurement within the free enterprise system;

    • develop procurement capability responsive to appropriate user needs;  

    • consolidate, clarify, and modernize the procedure governing procurement in the District and permit the continued development of explicit and thoroughly considered procurement policies and practices;

    • require the adoption of competitive procurement practices by the District;

    • ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the procurement system of this District which will promote increased public confidence in the procedures followed in public procurement;

    • provide safeguards for the maintenance of a procurement system of quality and integrity with clearly defined rules for ethical behavior on the part of all persons engaged in the public procurement process; and to

    • develop an efficient and effective means of delegating roles and responsibilities.

    To this end we have created our vision statement, our mission, our strategies and our critical success factors as a means to focus on the accomplishment of our goals and objectives.

    is to provide the best value for the goods and services we buy while maintaining the public trust.

    is to provide excellent supplies, services and information technology to foster the academic advancement of all of our students and staff. Procurement Services seeks to achieve the highest standard of professional procurement and be recognized for its commitment to customer service and support through teamwork, technology, procurement knowledge, professionalism, and our commitment to excellence.

    will be to analyze our business processes, using total quality management (TQM) techniques; identify areas of strength, weakness, risk and opportunities for improvement. We will place significant emphasis on customer needs, timeliness, process improvement, and results.

    Our Critical Success Factors
    will be service, value, technology, communication and diversity. We must focus on these factors in order to achieve our vision.

    • Service: We will provide courteous and efficient customer service and support. We will exceed our customer’s expectations.
    • Value: We will provide the best value, best service and best quality to our customers. We will measure performance and track key accomplishments, cost savings and avoidances to reduce the cost of required supplies, services and information technology. We will be recognized in public procurement for our practices as best-in-class. We will develop and sustain strategic vendor relationships and best value contracts.
    • Technology: We will strive to utilize and incorporate new and advanced purchasing technologies.
    • Communication: We will create lasting partnerships with our customers through effective communication.
    • Diversity: We will provide and support the principals of socially responsible purchasing. We will strive to surpass expectations and goals established for small, women, minority business enterprises (S/W/MBE).