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    Richland County School District One
    1616 Richland Street
    Columbia, SC 29201
    Phone: (803) 231-7564
    Fax: (803) 231-7565
    Mail code: 568


    Coordinator: La Shanda T. Keels
    Planning/Grants Procurement & Management
    Phone: (803) 231-7563

    Anita Hare: (803) 231-7564


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    Our Mission

    The Office of Planning and Grants actively seeks supplemental funding for a wide range of programs to support the vision and goals of Richland County School District One. To facilitate additional funding for innovative programs and reform initiatives and to increase Richland One educators' skills as they respond to grant opportunities, the Office of Planning and Grants:


    • Identifies and Disseminates Grant Information

    • Identifies a broad range of grant opportunities (competitive and entitlement; federal, state, local and foundation) and innovative programs

    • Informs central office staff and school Grant Contacts of funding opportunitie

    • Develops and Assists

    • Supports a network of school Grant Contacts

    • Develops, designs, writes and submits system-level grant proposals that support Richland One's goals

    • Assists individuals or groups as they develop grant proposals

    • Prepares and reviews budgets for grant applications, working directly with the Budget Office

    • Develops new initiatives in collaboration with others

    • Edits, reviews and develops proposals, reports and documents

    • Assists with management of funded grants

    • Assists with Board Approval Process

    • Assists individuals with the Richland One School Board approval process for grant applications by helping them obtain approval from the Deputy Superintendent, Area Superintendents, Budget Director, and the Superintendent


    • Collaborates with community agencies and works with community-based teams in the joint development of grant proposals that benefit Richland One

    • Provides information for and responds to requests from schools, community members, community agencies, and parent

    • Provides Professional Development

    • Conducts workshops for central office, administrative and school staff on grant writing and grant development



    Relevant District Strategies for Grants Office:


    Strategy Number 1 - We will develop and implement plans to recruit and retain the highest quality staff in order to achieve our mission and objectives.

    Action Step 3 - Provide grants to individuals, schools and departments for efforts that support the district's mission.


    Strategy Number 2 - We will develop alternative pathways (internal and external) to address social and psychological factors that may interfere with student achievement.

    Action Step 6 - Engage strong community partners in the grant writing process to build capacity for the district, schools and the agency partners.


    Strategy Number 4 - We will create a staff development system to ensure all employees are making an effective contribution to achieving our mission and objectives.

    Action Step 4 - Research and pursue all available funding sources:

    a. Federal
    b. State
    c. Local
    d. Grants/Philanthropic