• This is the same information that is in your child's agenda:

    The faculty and staff of Logan Elementary School welcome you and your family.  We will work hard to offer your child the best possible education, and we will strive to make that education interesting and stimulating.  We ask for your support, and we trust that you will be an active participant in your child’s education.  This handbook has been carefully prepared and presented in order that students and parents may know and understand the policies and practices of Logan Elementary.


    School Day Schedule

    Logan Elementary School is open to students at 7:00 a.m.  The school will not be responsible for students arriving before this time.  Breakfast is served until 7:30.  Students who arrive between 7:00 and 7:20 should report to the cafeteria/hallway.  Students arriving after 7:20 should report directly to their homeroom.  Children arriving after 7:30 are to report to the office and will be marked tardy.  All students are dismissed each day at 2:30 p.m.



    Parent Responsibility

    We encourage and invite your involvement in the learning process at Logan Elementary School.  Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between parent involvement and student achievement.  You can play a big part in your child’s success in school.  You will need to read and sign the Parent-School Compact and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible.  Parents are encouraged to join and actively participate in our Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO), School Improvement Council (SIC), and Logan Foundation.



    Absences/Tardies/Early Dismissal

    Being present at school is one of the main factors that determines a child’s success while in school.  It is the hope of the staff of Logan Elementary that each students is present, on time, every day for the entire day.  However, we know that circumstances arise.


    When a student is tardy, a parent/guardian should accompany them to the office to sign the student in.  When a child is absent, we must have a note from the parent/guardian explaining the cause of the absence.  State Law requires that the note be sent on the first day the child returns from an absence.


    Parents who request an early dismissal must send a written request to the child’s teacher.  The child must be signed out in the office before leaving campus.  To insure your child’s safety, no release to anyone other than parents or legal guardian will be granted unless prior written notification is received.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping make our school the safest possible environment for your child.  Please do not call after 2:00pm for an early release; unless there is a true emergency.  Do not leave such a request on voice mail.  No early dismissals will be granted after 2:00.


    For the 2020-2021 school year, the definition of perfect attendance will be no absences, no tardies, and no early dismissals.


    Student Behavior

    Richland School District One has published a Code of Conduct booklet that students, parents and guardians are expected to read.  These guidelines include rules and regulations involving weapons, drugs, truancy, and assault violations.  Also, noted are disciplinary procedures that will be implemented when violations of rules occur.  Logan Elementary School expects all students, parents, and/or guardians to read this booklet and to abide by all procedures. 


    All teachers at Logan Elementary have developed a behavior plan for their classrooms.  These plans will be communicated clearly to the students at the beginning of the year.  Teachers will handle problems as they arise, unless the seriousness of the offense warrants Principal involvement.  Behavior that disrupts the learning process, is disrespectful and/or disobedient, or poses a threat to other students will not be tolerated or allowed to disrupt instruction.  The Principal will take steps to insure that the problem is handled in a way that is sensitive to student needs, while still maintaining the order and discipline that is necessary in the school. 


    Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying

    On December 12, 2006, the School Board approved Policy JICFAA regarding Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying.  A copy of this policy is on the district website.  Such behavior will not be tolerated.


    Parent-Teacher Conferences and School Meetings

    During the first few weeks of school all parents/guardians are expected to meet with their child’s teacher at a scheduled conference.  Throughout the school year, parents will be invited to meet with their child’s teacher for individual conferences.  Also, parents are invited to arrange conferences at any convenient time during the year.  Should problems or concerns arise, parents should try to resolve them primarily and initially with the teacher.  However, the Guidance Counselor, Curriculum Resource Teacher or Principal are all available if needed.  Parents with hearing impairments or limited English proficiency must give at least 72 hours notice in order to receive interpreter services at a school sponsored function/conference.

    Homework Policy

    Homework is viewed by the Logan learning community as an opportunity to promote lifelong learning among students.  Only assignments that promote lifelong learning and deeper questioning should be assigned.  Homework should work to build a student’s intrinsic desire to learn and further their understanding of a subject, assuming they are deeper-meaning-makers rather than empty vessels.  It is at a teacher’s discretion to assign homework. 


    Dress Code

    There is a reasonable connection between proper dress, grooming, and maintenance of school discipline.  Students should come to school prepared to work successfully.  Dress should be comfortable, but appropriate for school.  Students that are well groomed feel better about themselves.  Students that come dressed for play are not likely to take schoolwork as seriously as they should.  General dress code guidelines include:


    1. Students are not to wear hats in school.
    2. Pants must be at waist level and belted.
    3. Shirts that are made to be tucked in or fall below the wrist when your arm is extended down by your side, should be tucked in at all times.
    4. Shirts/blouses must cover the midriff area, but should not be “oversized”.
    5. Shorts are allowed but should be at least mid-thigh length.
    6. No clothing worn as gang colors or in gang style will be allowed.
    7. Slogans/pictures depicting violence or sexual innuendo will not be allowed.
    8. Undershirts are not to be worn as shirts.  Outer shirts are not to be removed at school.
    9. Shoes should be safe for climbing stairs and outdoor activities.  No bedroom shoes or shoes with wheels and/or flashing lights.


    The school administration reserves the right to determine when clothing does not meet school standards.  When a problem is identified, parents will be notified to bring more appropriate clothing to the school.  If parents cannot be reached or, are not available to come in, the school may provide something for the student to wear temporarily.  Staff members, parents and other visitors are asked to be sensitive to the dress code and to the example they set as role models for our students.



    The bus is an extension of the classroom.  Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.

    Bus procedures include:

    1. Students are expected to be quiet and orderly on the bus.
    2. Students must stay seated at all times.
    3. Students must be respectful and cooperative toward the bus driver.


    Other bus information is located in the Richland One Code of Conduct.  Violation of bus rules may result in loss of bus riding privileges.


    Walkers, car riders and day-care students

    These students will be dismissed on the Lincoln Street side of the building.  Walkers are asked to leave the campus immediately after dismissal.  Any change in transportation must be communicated in writing to the teacher.  Please do not call after 2:00pm for a change in transportation; unless, there is a true emergency.  Do not leave such a message on voice mail.


    Visiting Logan

    We welcome parents and visitors to Logan Elementary School.  All parents and visitors must report to the office and sign in upon arrival.  You must have a driver’s license or other state issued ID and you will be given a name tag. Please respect the instructional practices of our teachers by ensuring that all conferences with teachers/administrators are arranged in advance.  Parents and visitors should sign out at the office before leaving.


    Health Services

    A full time school nurse is at Logan Elementary to provide state mandated health services.  These include vision, hearing, and growth screening.  Maintenance of health records and immunizations are also monitored.  You will be notified of results from the vision or hearing exams if any deficiencies are detected.  Feel free to contact the nurse at any time during the school year if you have a concern about your child’s vision or hearing.  In addition, the school nurse also performs routine classroom health checks and makes contact with parents regarding health issues.  She also cares for students with injuries or illnesses that occur at school.


    If a child becomes ill or is injured during school hours, parents are expected to make arrangements to have the child removed from school right away.  Parents who work or have no means of transportation should make arrangements for this possibility early in the school year.  Signs of illness or injury that have occurred at home are not the responsibility of the school nurse, but should be referred to your family doctor or emergency room.  A child who has been vomiting or has a fever should remain home until symptoms have been gone for 24 hours without the help of medication.


    An emergency health form will be sent home at the beginning of each year.  It is very important to complete this form with ALL

    of the required information and most important to include telephone numbers in order that you may be reached in case of emergency.




    If your child needs to be given medicine at school, you must obtain a “permission for medication form” from the nurse.  For all prescription medication, the doctor and parent must sign this form.  A form also is required for “over the counter” medications and requires the parent signature.


    Except in unusual circumstances, medicines that are given only once, twice or three times should always be given at home.


    All medication must be brought or sent to school in the ORIGINAL pharmacy container with the following information:

    • Child’s Name
    • Name of Medication
    • Strength
    • Dosage to be given
    • Physicians Name
    • Date Prescribed
    • Times to be taken


    Medicines should NEVER be sent to school in napkins, tin foil, plastic bags, etc.  The school nurse administers all medication.



    At Logan Elementary, your child will experience a rigorous scholastic curriculum enriched by instruction in art, music, drama, dance, foreign language, computer and physical education.   In addition to this curriculum,


    We offer:                                                

    • Engaged learning directed by Artists’ in Residence from SC Arts Commission
    • Incorporation of critical thinking skills to enhance imaginative and inventive learning potential
    • Extensive writing throughout the curriculum at all grade levels.
    • Infusion of fine arts into the basic elementary curriculum
    • Montessori instruction
    • Instruction for students with special needs.



    Mr. Randy Simmons is our Volunteer Coordinator.  All volunteers (classrooms, chaperones for field trips, tutors, etc.) must have a background check before they can volunteer in the building or work with students.  Mr. Simmons will coordinate volunteer placement in the building and in the classrooms.  Teachers will coordinate requests for help through Mr. Simmons.  All new volunteers will receive training after their background check has been completed.


    Logan’s History

    In 1904, Charles Logan gave four acres and $40,000 for the erection of a school in the city of Columbia to be named Logan School.  The land and money were to be released to the school board upon the death of his wife Louise.  Mrs. Logan survived her husband for a number of years, and in 1912, released the land and money so that her late husband’s dream could come true.

    The architects appointed to design the building discovered the construction costs would exceed the $40,000.  The board then turned to the City of Columbia which agreed to pay additional costs not to exceed another $40,000.

    The cornerstone of Logan School was laid on June 23, 1913 and classes began in December 1913.  Logan School marked an advance in school architecture.  It is in the Italian Renaissance style and has a seal of the City of Columbia above the main doorway.  The new school’s equipment was of the best quality to promote higher educational standards.  It also was the first elementary school in Columbia to build a standardized library due primarily to the efforts of Bessie Davis, former Teacher, Librarian and Assistant Principal of the school.

    A.C. Flora was the first principal of Logan Elementary and later served as Superintendent of the Columbia Public Schools for 22 years.  Arney R. Childs served as Principal beginning in 1928 and later served as Dean of Women at USC until she retired.  Other early Principals included Ms. Caroline Voight and Mr. Charlie G. Williams, who later became Superintendent of Education.

    Logan School became overcrowded less than two years after it opened.  Two wings with four-classrooms each were added to the school.  In 1930, the school’s auditorium was converted into a cafetorium, and a kitchen was added in 1952.

    Logan was converted to an alternative school in 1975 and served as an adult learning center from 1980 to 1997.  Richland One renovated the school to reclaim its original use as an elementary school and to bring it up to current educational standards, while carefully preserving its historical integrity.

    Students from McCants Elementary School moved to Logan Elementary in January 2000.  John DeFelice served as principal at that time.  The enrollment for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade was around 230 students.  The newly renovated school contained a computer lab, internet access in each classroom, a piano lab, specially designed primary classrooms and a large multi-purpose room. 

    Today, Logan Elementary includes a full-day Child Development program, (2) self-contained Special Education classes and (5) Montessori classes (2 Primary, 2 Lower Elementary and 1 Upper Elementary), as well as, the regular K-4 and kindgarten through 5th grade programs.  Dance and Theatre, Steel Drum Band, Contemporary Dance Ensemble, and several Choruses are offered through South Carolina Grants. Logan Elementary is an Arts in the Basic Curriculum (ABC) site and is often visited by other schools because of its visual and performing arts program.  A beautiful memorial garden, planted and maintained by Logan students, can also be found in one of our courtyards.

    Dr. Richard Moore was appointed as Principal of Logan in July, 2001- June 2015.  After years of dedication and contributing to the development of our students, he retired.

    Mr. Chris Richards was appointed Principal of Logan Elementary July 2015 - June 30, 2020. Mr. Richards unique ability to cultivate the arts into everyday learning while cultivating a learning environment where children wanted to learn made him respected by fellow Leopards and the community.

    Mr. David Copeland, Jr. was appointed Principal of Logan Elementary July 1, 2020. Mr. Copeland brings years of principalship while embodying learning for all students of all levels a priority. Mr. Copeland continues the legacy by saying...