New Richland One Calendar for 2020-2021



    Richland One está proporcionando comidas gratuitas para los estudiantes, mientras que las escuelas en todo el estado están cerradas hasta el 31 de marzo por orden del gobernador.

    El equipo de Servicios de Nutrición del distrito proporcionará desayuno y almuerzo "para llevar" de lunes a viernes en ocho escuelas designadas. El desayuno estará disponible para ser recogido de 8:30-10:30 a.m., y el almuerzo estará disponible para ser recogido de 12:30-2:30 p.m. Las comidas también se entregarán en tres comunidades de apartamentos. Los sitios de recogida y entrega se enumeran a continuación.

    Todos los niños menores de 18 años pueden recoger comidas, sin importar que asistan o no asistan a una escuela en Richland One. Los niños pueden ir a cualquiera de estos lugares para obtener comidas.

    • Carver-Lyon Elementary School

      2100 Waverly Street

      Columbia, SC 29204

    • Rosewood Elementary School

      3300 Rosewood Drive

      Columbia, SC 29205

    • Webber Elementary School

      140 Webber School Road

      Eastover, SC 29044

    • St. Andrews Middle School

      1231 Bluefield Drive

      Columbia, SC 29210

    • Southeast Middle School

      731 Horrell Hill Road

      Hopkins, SC 29061

    • A.C. Flora High School

      1 Falcon Drive

      Columbia, SC 29204

    • Eau Claire High School

      4800 Monticello Road

      Columbia, SC 29203

    • Lower Richland High School

      2615 Lower Richland Boulevard

      Hopkins, SC 29061

    • The Colony Apartments

      3545 W. Beltline Boulevard

      Columbia, SC 29203

    Nota: El desayuno se entregará de 8:30-8:50 a.m.; el almuerzo será entregado de 12:30-12:50 p.m. 


    • Bayberry Mews Apartments

      100 Cardamon Court

      Columbia, SC 29203

    Nota: El desayuno se entregará de 9:00-9:20 a.m.; el almuerzo será entregado de 1:00-1:20 p.m. 


    • North Pointe Estates Apartments

      100 Ripplemeyer Avenue

      Columbia, SC 29203

    Nota: El desayuno se entregará de 9:30-9:50 a.m.; el almuerzo será entregado de 1:30-1:50 p.m. 


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Forest Heights Building
  • Greetings Forest Heights Family!

    Dr. Johnson

    My name is Dr. Winnie Johnson and I am an educator with 34+ years of experience. Originating from New Jersey, I moved to South Carolina two years ago from the metro Atlanta area where I served in Henry County Schools for 24 years in several capacities. After that, I served as Head of School for East Point Academy Charter School in West Columbia. My background includes speech/language pathology, school counseling, special education, human resource administration and school leadership as an assistant principal and as an elementary principal. Additionally, I have raised three amazing children who are now adults giving back to society in their own special ways!

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! Our Eagle Family is ready to take off and SOAR to another level this year!  We have adopted a Growth Mindset where we believe that all of our students CAN grow and perform to their highest potential. We are preparing our students for college and careers! To that end, we are equipping ourselves as a Forest Heights Family to help our students get there.  We invite you to join us in this journey!

    I continue to maintain positive energy and commitment to success for each student at Forest Heights. I am committed to Excellence in Teaching and Continued Student Growth. This translates into ensuring that all our teachers and support staff are provided an array of strategies, resources and administrative support that will enable them to address the specific educational needs of all students at Forest Heights. This will include a strong focus on professional development for teachers, adult learning opportunities for our parents, a focus on pride and ownership for students in their own education, equity and access to the most engaging classroom opportunities for students, and my personal commitment that all administrative staff will approach our roles as instructional leaders with optimism and team spirit!

    My passion includes embracing and loving the students that we serve because I know that it is impossible to teach them if you don’t build positive relationships with them. As the school leader, I am always focused on school improvement because an effective learning environment strives to continually assess the work and find ways to improve upon areas that require strengthening. Moreover, it is imperative that parents are involved in the education of their children. I look forward to the continued partnerships we have built this past year with all stakeholders both in the school and in the community.  Through an active PTO and SIC, we will work together to enhance the learning of all students at Forest Heights. My philosophy has always been to make the school an environment where children love coming to learn, staff enjoy coming to work, and parents and community members are part of the learning process. Early on, I adopted the adage, “It takes a village!” You are part of our village and we welcome you to take part in this. I am confident that if our students come to school – everyday – ready to learn and they are fully aware that they CAN grow and succeed, we can get the job done! We pledge to do our part and we know that you will join forces with us and become a vital part of our learning community!

    Through our collective Communication, Collaboration and Commitment, we will make this village work!  We believe that:

     “Eagles Fly High….No Matter What!”

    Dr. Winnie Johnson, Principal



    Assistant Principal, Lindsay Butler                                          Assistant Principal, Alexandria Gillcrese                                          

    Butler                                                                                Mrs. Gillcrese