• Guidance Department Staff

     Marcus Peacock-Guidance Director, Grade 9-12 (Last Names A-G)

    Mr. Peacock

    Phone: 803-731-8934

    Email: marcus.peacock@richlandone.org


    Cynthia Moore, School Counselor Grade 9-12 (Last Names H-M)

    Cynthia Moore

    Phone: 803-731-8935

    Email: cynthia.moore@richlandone.org

    Lottie Laws-Mack, School Counselor Grade 9-12 (Last Names N-Z)

    Mrs. Laws

    Phone: 803-731-8937

    Email: lottie.laws@richlandone.org

    Robert Craft, Guidance Secretary

    Mr. Craft

    Phone: 803-731-8950 

    Email: robert.craft@richlandone.org


    Important ACT/ College Board Information:

    • In the event of test cancellations by ACT/College Board due to resurgence of Covid-19, Seniors may benefit from taking the college admission test(s) in the Fall/Winter (or as early as possible and as early as appropriate) to avoid missing later testing opportunities should resurgence occur in the Spring.

    • Parents/Students may benefit from the following ACT and College Board links that provide updated testing dates as well as the most recent local testing site availability/cancellations. 




    College Board:




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