RCSD1 Teacher Induction & Retention Program

  • Richland One’s induction program is essential for providing support to teachers new to the profession and to the district. The annual three day summer orientation provides teachers with the information they need to begin a successful teaching career in Richland One. Additionally, monthly induction teacher training sessions are held after regular school hours. New to the induction training is the opportunity for teachers to participate in these after-school trainings using a blended learning model. While some classes will be face-to-face, many others will occur on-line. The information provided during these sessions include, but are not limited to, classroom management, long-range planning, and working and communicating with parents. To support induction teachers, selected experienced teachers are used as mentors to provide training in content-specific areas of focus. As indicated by recent survey data, beginning teachers often need even greater support. Therefore, workshops will be coordinated for teachers to participate in professional development activities to strengthen knowledge in content, effective classroom instruction, the integration of technology, analysis of data to plan interventions, and development of formative and summative assessments at all levels. Furthermore, new teachers are provided with support from a coach from the Center for Educator Quality. The support may be as simple as checking in to ensure that the teacher is continuing to do well, or it may be more concentrated with a coach being assigned to that teacher for a more intense one-on-one experience. Richland One’s Induction Teacher and Retention Program provides an intense, yearlong system of support that allows new teachers to begin their education careers on a positive note.

Induction Orientation 2016

Induction Teacher Contacts

  • Dr. Remona Jenkins



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