• Postal Services

    Postal Services Supervisor

    Tony Bookert
    Richland County School District One
    1616 Richland Street
    Columbia, SC 29201

    Phone:  (803) 231-7543
    Fax:  (803) 231-7545

    Email Address: 




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    Procedures for Processing Mail

    District Operating Procedures


    A. Incoming Mail

    • The Postal Services Drivers pick up all incoming U. S. mail from the Lady Street Post Office at 8:00am. All U.S. mail is processed the day of pick-up.

    • Bulk Mail received by 2:00pm is processed and mailed the same day. Bulk Mail received after 2:00pm will be processed and mailed the next day.

    • The District Contracts the following services with outside vendors:

    • A contracted vendor picks up U. S. Mail in the afternoon and delivers it to Columbia Processing and Distribution Center. Mail is sorted and hand delivered to all departments by Postal Services.

    • A contracted vendor is responsible for delivering U.S. mail to the schools with one pick up a day from Postal Services.

    • A contracted vendor is responsible for picking up Bulk Mail daily at 2:15 pm and delivers to the Main U.S. Postal Office.

    • A contracted vendor picks up U. S. mail at 4:35pm for sorting and delivering to U. S. Post office.


    B. School Deliveries

    • Interdepartmental mail is picked up once daily by the two Postal Services Drivers and delivered to all locations.

    • Media supplies such as film and videos are delivered daily by the Postal Services Drivers.

    • AV equipment is picked up on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a limit of 2 items per school.



    C. Print Shop

    • The Postal Services Drivers pick up from the Print Shop daily for next day delivery to all District locations.

    • There is a three box maximum per location if space will allow.



    D. Interdepartmental Mail Schedule


    • Interdepartmental mail is processed and sorted continuously.

    • Delivery Schedule is as follows:


     a. Stevenson Administration Building: 9:45am, 1:30pm, and 3:00pm.


    b. Central Services Facility: 12:00pm and 4:15pm


    c. Waverly: 8:30am and 12:00pm


    E. Postal Services is responsible for processing overnight, certified, registered, and U. S. Mail.


    F. All mail packages to include deliveries by vendors should be directed to the District Postal Services. The staff will process the packages to the appropriate department/school. C. O. D. packages are not accepted unless prior approval has been made through the appropriate officials. *Exception, supplies ordered through the purchase order process should be delivered to the departmental/school contact to verify the accuracy of their order.


    G. To ensure the safety of our mail, the following procedures are observed for mail handling, including items delivered by parcel carriers such as UPS and FedEx:


    •   All mailbags must be secured in a central location where only district employees will have access.

    •   Make sure any suspicious mail will be isolated and immediately cordoned off.

    •   Ensure that all persons who touched the mail piece wash their hands with soap and water.

    •   Notify District Security immediately when appropriate.

    •   List all persons who have touched the letter and/or envelope

    •    All Pen Pal U.S. must have a return address or will not be processed.

    •   Include contact information and have this information available for authorities.


       Characteristics of suspicious letters or parcels are:


    a. Any powdery substance on outside.

    b. Unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you.

    c. Excessive postage, incorrect titles or titles with no name.

    d. Addressed to someone no longer with our organization or otherwise outdated.

    e. No return address, or one that can’t be verified as legitimate

    f. Unusual weight, given their size, lopsided or oddly shaped.

    g. Unusual amount of tape.

    h. Strange orders or stains.