Community Fish Sculpture

  • This semester Hyatt Park's students have been working in collaboration with guest artist, Mr. Keith Tolen.  The project: a sculpture of a trout which was provided by Columbia's Parks and Recreation Department.  Mr. Tolen is one of 36 local artists that was selected to decorate a sculpture and he was very generous to include the students of Hyatt Park in his creative process.  All the finished sculptures, including the one completed here, will be displayed publicly in different areas within the city of Columbia to promote our beautiful rivers and their accompanying parks.  Throughout the collaboration, our students have engaged in the planning and creating of this work of art, as well as reading, creative writing, group skills, and problem-solving techniques.  This project presented to us by Mr. Tolen has provided our students with an amazing opportunity to witness how art and its processes can bring people together and serve a greater good in the community that they live in. 

    Keith Tolen