• One to One Plus Ticket Tips

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    To provide quick and quality customer service, the IT department relies on your assistance with your One to One Plus tickets. We have provided some key items to remember when entering and updating your tickets.


    Be sure to select and/or enter the correct ticket type. 

    • Not selecting and/or entering a ticket type at all or selecting and/or entering the wrong one can slow up the response time to your ticket.


    Provide detailed descriptions in your ticket.

    • For PowerSchool tickets, we ask that you provide examples of students where errors you are reporting.
    • The more information you can provide at the beginning, the better.


    Related User

    • Your name needs to come here.
    • Do not enter tickets on behalf of others.
    • It is important that we know who has the issue, so we can communicate directly with them.
    • This is extremely important when dealing with password resets and usernames.


    Updating Your Ticket

    • As a reminder, the ticket system will email you when it has been updated. Please DO NOT reply to the email.
    • Log back into the system and put a note in the NOTES section. The closure notes section is for our technicians to close out a ticket.


    Ticket Times Open/Close: New Protocols

    • Our staff will update your ticket every 2-3 days.
    • They will close the tickets after 3 days if you fail to respond with additional information needed to complete the ticket.

    Please feel free to use the video created to assist with using the system.   https://www.richlandone.org/Page/13787