• Gavin's Law

    Gavin’s Law is a law that establishes sexual extortion as a felony offense, and an aggravated felony if the victim is a minor, vulnerable adult, or if the victim suffers bodily injury or death directly related to the crime. Sexual extortion is the act of blackmailing someone using sexually explicit images or videos in order to compel the victim to do any act or refrain from doing any act, against their will. This law was named after 17-year-old Gavin Guffey, who was a victim of sexual extortion, which resulted in him tragically taking his own life in 2022.

    Richland One has adopted Policy ACH - Gavin’s Law (Sexual Extortion) to educate and notify students, parents or guardians, school personnel and the public of the provisions of Gavin’s Law. Please review the information sheet with additional details on Gavin’s Law.

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