• Sophie Martin and Quentin Hilley, officers of the National Art Honor Society, are interviewed by Sam Perez of WLTX about our six foot trout - the art project for "Columbia Streams Art."

  • At the request of Columbia Mayor Rickenmann, Art teacher Katie Pfrommer enlisted the members of our National Art Honor Society (NAHS) to decorate a 74" trout for Columbia Streams Art. Their creation, along with others, will be auctioned to raise funds for city projects.  

    The group began by painting the trout blue - of course!  Next Ms. Pfrommer invited students throughout the school to add their names to scales which were then arranged on the trout.  NAHS members finished the trout by painting its head, tail, and fins. 

    We would love to be able to win a bid on our trout to return it to its rightful place - Dreher High School!