• R1 CHAMPS Program

     Richland One “CHAMPS” (Caring Hearts Making Positive Shifts) Program is a district-wide initiative designed to place positive role models on the campuses of schools to provide assistance to staff with empowering, inspiring, and encouraging students to achieve their full potential.

      .  The goals of the program are:

    • To welcome students to school at the beginning of the day while providing them with positive inspiration for the day;
    • To connect, engage, inspire, support, and motivate students to strive to achieve their full potential;
    • To provide a presence in the halls during class change to ensure students are moving and reporting to class on time;
    • To serve as an extra set of eyes in the hallways, on campus grounds and around restrooms to alleviate issues (i.e., smoking, fighting, etc.);
    • To help the school staff during school assemblies, special events, etc.;
    • To assist the school staff at the end of the day during the dismissal of school.

    The main goal is to be a positive influence for the students during the school day and to be a helping hand to school staff as they work to provide quality education to students.