• Richland One Wireless Internet Protocols

    UPDATED: March 5, 2024

    As the Richland One wireless network is for educational and instructional purposes only, it is critical that we ensure it is configured as such.  The district has updated its wireless network and has three (3) production wireless networks available.  

      • RichlandOne
      • R1_Visitors (School/Site Name)
      • R1_StaffLink

    The district has been working to update the way in which Richland One purchased devices connect to the wireless network to authenticate based on user and device.  Additionally, this has allowed the district to update and implement a more secure visitor wireless network. 

    The RichlandOne Wi-Fi network is for district purchased devices only.  Though most of the connections will be automated, some staff devices will need to be reconnected manually.  Staff that are assigned these devices may be required to contact the Help Desk for assistance reconnecting their district-issued device to this network.  Staff with Microsoft Windows-issued devices can use the Updating Wireless Network on Richland One Windows Devices directions to verify your Microsoft Windows laptop connected properly.  Users of other devices (such as Apple MacBooks) will be prompted to use their district credentials (username and password) to access the RichlandOne network. This access will require prior administrative approval and their district accounts will need to be set up for this before they will be able to connect.

    The R1_Visitors (School/Site Name) Wi-Fi network has been established for those that are not affiliated with the district and do not have Richland One email accounts.  All requests for access to the network must be made in advance to authenticate the use of the visitors.  This system has been set up like a reservation system.  Staff are asked to click on the Richland One Visitor Wireless Internet Protocols website for additional information.  Visitors will continue to use the guest_network until additional information is distributed after Thanksgiving break.  Additional information for how to access this network can be found on the Richland One Visitors Internet Protocols document.  

    The R1_StaffLink Wi-Fi has been established for district-issued cell phones. Staff that have been issued a district iPhone should refer to the Network Access for District-Issued iPhones document for directions on how to connect their device to this wireless network. People who regularly work within the district and possess Richland One email accounts obtained through the district’s request process, but are not official Richland One employees (e.g., SROs, student teachers, Dual Enrollment Teachers, etc.), are authorized to utilize their personal devices. They should connect these devices to this network using their Richland One credentials. The instructions available for connecting District-Issued iPhones can be used as a guide to assist with these connections.

    NEW INFORMATION:  The R1_StaffLink Wi-Fi has also been established for "extended stay" guests.  These are guests that are contractors and/or those groups that are working with the district for extended periods of time, such as interns, student teachers, partners with signed Memorandum of Agreements and/or Memorandums of Understandings.  However, in order to use this network, their district sponsor must follow the district's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for securing a Richland One email account for non-district employees.  This SOP can be found on page 47 of the Information Technology Standard Operating Procedure document.  Once the account has been created, these "extended stay"guests will follow the Internet Network Access for District's Extended Stay Guests directions for connecting to the wireless network.