• Movement Services is responsible for relocation of furniture and/or other heavy duty equipment district wide. Additionally, Movement Services assists with setting up district events and providing tables and chairs as needed.

    All Requests must be submitted at minimum 10 business days prior to the requested service date.

    Step 1:  Submit request for relocation of furniture and/or heavy equipment  via the SchoolDude Portal.

    Step 2:  Select "Moving" within the School Dude portal   

                  Note: Only requests submitted via the SchoolDude portal will be addressed.

    Step 3:  The work order will be reviewed to ensure the description provided is within the scope of  services provided by                          Movement Services. 

                 Note: If the work order is applicable to another craft, it will be "denied".

    Step 4:  The work order will be assigned to the truck driver who will be responsible for the work order. 

                Note: Please understand if the service date requested is previously booked or unavailable due to previous requests or              schedules;  there is no guarantee the services will be completed by the requested service date. Mr. Bouknight, will communicate all scheduling issues or conflicts.

    Step 5:  Once the work order has been completed, the assigned driver will mark the work order "COMPLETED" in School                      Dude and provide a description in the Action Taken field immediately after services have been provided. 


    Should you have any questions regarding the process, contact the warehouse at 803-231-7070 and ask to speak with Gregory Bouknight for further assistance.