• PPE requests must be submitted through the SchoolDude portal for processing.

    Email requests to staff personnel are no longer acceptable.

    In School Dude, Select "Internal Delivery" for  PPE requests.

    The following is an example of what information should be placed in the description box:

    Ex. Meadowfield is requesting 20 boxes of blue/white masks, 24 cans of disinfectant spray, 10 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 15 boxes of large gloves.

    Once the supplies have been pulled and shipped for delivery, the request will be marked "Complete."

    Should you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the warehouse at 803-231-7070 or email Mr. Bouknight at gregory.bouknight2@richlandone.org

    Supplies will be delivered 2-4 days after request unless stock is unavailable; Warehouse will fulfill the request immediately upon receiving additional stock.


    PPE Supply List

    Gloves (S, M, L, XL)

    Hand Sanitizer


    Disinfectant Spray