Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Brenton Coe

As principal of C. A. Johnson High School, it is an honor to serve all stakeholders of this prestigious community. I believe that it is essential for families, schools, and communities to collaborate to support students’ success. My educational philosophy is to change the world for the better by investing in our youth today. I am originally from Darlington, SC and have been in education for over 11 years. I have worked on all three levels of public education but have spent my entire administration career at the high school level. I am a person that loves to try new things and lead people through change. I do not fear failure and I get excited when an issue arises that requires things around me to change. As an educational leader, I often face situations where change must occur quickly, and sometimes immediately based upon district and state mandates. I enjoy working with people and helping them accomplish things that even they did not feel that they could accomplish. This means that celebrations are a must with me, and even though sometimes we fail, we learned something in the process. This means we did not fail but grew in our educational capacity.