• Career and Technical Education offers something for students, parents, and business & industry.

    Students, now is the best time to consider how you can prepare for your best life beyond high school. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable skills during school. Choose a career pathway, then meet with your school counselor to make it happen! Your best efforts in your CTE program may lead to a job with the school district or one of our industry partners.

    Parents, today’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) is not the same vocational programs from yesteryear. CTE can be the perfect academic complement for future engineers, surgeons, architects, or any other advanced degree field. Dual credit CTE courses allow students to understand content in theory and master it in practice, and earn college credits all before high school graduation. For students who think high school is all the education needed, CTE can be the bridge into adulthood preparing them for living-wage jobs (only if they are serious about their craft) immediately after high school graduation.

    Business & Industry, the labor crisis impacts us all, at every level. Richland One CTE Completers have demonstrated the tenacity, drive, and determination necessary to master the content in their pathway. Your partnership can create a symbiotic relationship that employs students, empowers teachers, and mitigates your labor needs. Whether you are able to share information about your industry as a guest speaker, participate in school/district career fairs, host a job fair, serve on a CTE Advisory Board, or simply allow Richland One staff to tour your facility, any measure of support you can provide strengthens the fabric upon which our students and community are built.

    CTE is an opportunity to positively impact student lives, unveil opportunities where students do not believe they exist, or restore hope to a student who believed they had no options. WE ARE CTE!

    CTE District Snapshot 2021-2022 SY