2023-2024 Open/Closed Schools By Grade Level

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    It is the parent's responsibility to check the Open/Closed lists before applying.
    Some schools and programs have limited availability.
    Slots are allocated on a first applied, first granted basis.

    Once all slots are filled, the school/grade/program will be closed to any additional, new transfers for the remainder of the school term.

    This list may not be routinely updated. Please contact the Registrar's Office directly for the most updated information.


  • High School

    OPEN Programs

    CLOSED Programs

    A.C. Flora



    • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) 9th & 10th grade applicants only
    • World Languages – German
      • Prerequisite for German - Students must be successful in English (2.0 GPA & above)
    • PLTW Pre-Engineering
    • Business Information Mgmt.
    • Web & Digital Communications

    C.A. Johnson




    Only 9th and 10th grade applicants for the following programs:

    • General Management
    • Health Science
    • PLTW Biomedical Science
    • Sports Medicine
    •  Food Science





    Only 9th & 10th grade applicants for the following programs:

    • PLTW Pre-Engineering
      • Prerequisite: Algebra I
      • 9th-10th grade applicants only
    • PLTW Biomedical Science
    • Academy of Finance (NAF)
    • Banking Services
      • Prerequisite: Personal Finance
    • AP Capstone







    • PLTW Pre-Engineering
      • Prerequisites for PLTW - Algebra I (Grade minimum 70)
      • Only 9th graders may apply
    • AP Capstone
      • Prerequisites:
        • Honors English and Honors Social Studies w/ grade of 85 or above, 
        • A in English or 85th percentile or higher on standardized test scores
        • Only 9th or 10th graders may apply
    • World Languages – Chinese
    • World Languages – German
    • World Languages – Latin
      • World Language Prerequisites: 
        • Grade minimum 80 in ELA  
        • Only 9th graders may apply 
    • Business Finance

    Eau Claire






    • Commercial Driver’s License (Only 10th graders may apply)
    • Early Childhood Education
    •  Operations Management






    Please contact Keenan directly to apply for the following  Magnet  programs:

    • PLTW Pre-Engineering
    • Plant & Animal Science
    • Family & Consumer Science
    • Business Management & Administration



    Lower Richland







    • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)
    • International Baccalaureate Career Program (IBCP)


    • General Management
    • Business Finance
    • Web & Digital Communications
    • Family & Consumer Sciences
    • Culinary Arts Management
    • PLTW Pre-Engineering
    • Cosmetology
    • Emergency & Fire Management
    • Health Science

    Richland One Middle College

    • General Admission to School
      • Prerequisites:
        • 11th or 12th grader
        • Willingness to complete community service hours as a requirement for participation in graduation